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Outdoor Park Workout Ideas

Outdoor Park Workout Ideas

The park near your house is not just a play area for your kids; it can be your workout place as well. Outdoor park workout has many benefits but people have to visit the gym and fitness centers as it’s not possible to install all the fitness equipment in an open area.

If you live in a pollution-free area, then an outdoor park workout is best for you as it increases energy, reduces stress, improves mood, and many more. Working out at parks not only lets you inhale sufficient oxygen, but it also enables you to choose the fitness hours as per your feasibility. Now you know a few benefits of outdoor park workout but confuse how you can do the exercise without any equipment, then we are here to guide you.

Outdoor Park Workout Ideas
Outdoor Park Workout Ideas

So get ready for an outdoor workout at the park and to do this all you need is your sports shoes and plenty of water.

Outdoor Park Workout

Stretching is a must before any workout, so do some arm and leg stretch before starting the physical exercise. A jog around the park at a slow and relaxed pace for 5-10 minutes is the perfect start to your outdoor workout plan. For further training, wipe out your sweat and start the following workouts. To do this outdoor workout all you need is a bench;

Total Body Park Workout

 The seat in your park will let you do the complete workout, so you, too, don’t set a limit for your exercise when you are at the park. In open areas, you can do much more than just cardio. You can do the plank from knee to chest for a complete park workout. To do this, put your hand on a bench or platform and come in the plank position. Hold this position for a few seconds and do the push-ups. You can make this exercise more challenging by extending your right leg back behind you and keeping it at hip height. Squeeze your butt once your legs are fully extended to engage your glute muscles. Repeat it with the left leg and do a set of 15 twice.

Park Bench Push Ups And Mountain Climbers

Push up is an easy and effective exercise. It can be done quickly with the park bench. To do push-ups in an outdoor park, you need to do ten push-ups with hands on the court. Remember to keep your shoulders above your hands. Now do 30 mountain climbers with the same bench. Again repeat the same process and complete it in three sets.

Tightrope Walk

The target of this exercise is calves, quads, and core. To do this exercise first, you will have to find out a curb or fallen tree. The tree must have a smooth surface, and its height must be at least 6 feet. To do tightrope, you need to raise your arms out to sides and walk across the “tightrope.” You will have to do this till you reach the end of a curb or up to 6 feet. Do it for 3 minutes; you can slowly increase the time it’s not mandatory to continue it for 3 minutes for the first time. 

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