Outdoor Home Gym: How To Plan For One

Outdoor home gym requires a bit of planning from your side

We all know the struggle behind coming from the office in the evening and pushing ourselves to make it to the gym to mitigate the daily toxicity. You need to think of proper dressing, travel a few miles, and wait for your turn to get your hands on the limited number of equipment. As time goes by, most of the people find it unworthy and breaks the habit, while some enthusiast ones opt for an outdoor home gym in their backyard. But if you do not plan appropriately before building your gym, there are a lot of things that may go wrong, and it will be another entry to the list of your abandoned gyms. Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the factors that you need to consider while planning for your gym in that open space of yours.

Outdoor Home Gym: How To Plan For One
Outdoor Home Gym: How To Plan For One

Things To Consider For Your Outdoor Home Gym

Ground Condition

The first thing you need to think about is the condition of your floor on which you intend to put your equipment. A natural grass floor may seem a tempting one, but it has its shortcomings. On rainy seasons, it may sprout mud and become quite challenging to work out. The heavy equipment, such as a Treadmill, may get damaged if it is kept on the unconditioned grass floor. You also have to think about the slip factor. The community gyms have carpets to prevent slipping during workouts. For your outdoor home gym, you may consider concrete floor or carpet grass floor for anti-slip properties.


You need to decide whether you will have an upper cover (like a shed) on your gym or not. Adding a shed to your gym will let you workout even on rainy days. It will also keep the equipment and the floor intact. But some people incline open roofs as it brings the fresh air and some motivation to carry on along with it. An open roof also means more natural light to the facility. Another thing you need to consider is the surrounding walls for adequate privacy.


Once you have decided on the cover and the floor, the next target is to identify the material that you will need. Do not go to buy all the kits at once. Start from the necessary equipment such as dumbbells and bars, and the outdoor home gym will evolve with time. Buying a lot of stuff will make you overwhelmed and may even prove to be useless for you. While purchasing the equipment, consider the cost and the quality of the product, and also the available space you have. An open space of 1000 ft. will accommodate more equipment than an area of 300 ft. Some of the high quality, useful kit includes TRX Go Suspension Bodyweight Trainer, MNV Resistance Bands, Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine, etc.

Outdoor Home Gym: How To Plan For One
Outdoor Home Gym: How To Plan For One

Conclusion On Outdoor Home Gym Planning

           After opening your dream outdoor home gym, try to find a companion to work out in the gym. Maybe your family member, friend, or your neighbor. Having a companion will keep you motivated to bring out the best from your gym.

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