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Outdoor Gym, Your Very Handy Guide

The guide to outdoors gym

The fact is that outdoor gym is becoming more popular these days is not lost on anyone. Local councils maintain most of these outdoor gyms. They often undertake maintenance and care, with the help of state or federal funds. Given the exponential rise in obesity and obesity-related disorders, including diabetes and cardiovascular issues – it is natural for governments to be concerned. And some of the current outdoors gyms are the result of various fitness drives. Here’s to taking a closer look at the fitness parks, their equipment, and how they can help to boost your health in the long term.

Outdoors Gym And The Treadmill/Bike

If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular health, then you may want to start on a cross-trainer or a treadmill. You can also use those bikes and get a good rhythm going. The equipment listed here is designed to improve your endurance levels. You may want to start with small distances and slowly increase your capacity until you feel a good burn in your body. You may also want to reach a stage where you end up being breathless as a result of your exertions on the bike as well as other equipment

Outdoor Gym, Your Handy Guide
Outdoor Gym, Your Very Handy Guide

Outdoor Gym And Shoulder Machines

Shoulder machines are designed to give your upper body torso a workout. It helps to exercise your triceps, your chest, and the various muscles in the upper torso. It even helps to increase your upper body strength as well. But that depends more on the exercise itself. The shoulder machines are not that hard to use. All you have to do is to lie flat and push the handles up and above your head and lower the same gradually. You may want to start with just a few reps at the start and slowly increase it as you gain confidence.

The Lats Or Pull-up Bars

The lats or pull up bars have been a popular addition to most fitness gyms. The lats or the Pull-up bars primarily exercise the muscles located in your shoulders. You can use the machine to pull yourself up or use the pull-up bars. By doing a few reps, you should be able to increase the strength in your muscles. If you happen to be new to lats, you may want to start with small sets of 5 each and then increase it to 10, 15, etc.

Outdoor Gym, Your Handy Guide
Outdoor Gym, Your Very Handy Guide

Gym And Benches

When it comes to your abdominal muscles, a great way to build the same is to use the benches. The benches are suited ideally for tightening your abdominal muscles. In the process, the workouts fine-tune your muscles. You can use the benches for sit-ups, crunches as well as for lifting your torso up and slowly lowering the same. This should help you to develop your abdominal muscles; start with small session and increase the reps as your body becomes used to the exertion

These are some essential equipment that you will come across in most fitness gyms. And this is how you go about using the same, to stay in good health.

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