How To Do Outdoor HIIT Workout

How To Do Outdoor HIIT Workout

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to stay fit and lean. If you are traveling and don’t have time to hit the local gym, then outdoor HIIT workout is the best way to continue your workout routine. It’s also a feasible way to take a break from the gym’s equipment and indoor exercise. 

Outdoor HIIT workout improves your cardio capacity and strengthens your upper and lower body. The best part of HIIT is that it can be done outdoor at open places under the sky. Here we have given a complete outdoor HIIT workout. The given HIIT workout plan is just perfect for a full-body workout.

How To Do Outdoor HIIT Workout
How To Do Outdoor HIIT Workout

So have a look at the outdoor HIIT plan for your daily exercise routine. You can perform the below-described exercise to be energetic for the rest of the day. Take a rest of 15- to 45-second between each activity. You can take a 1 minute recovery time between each set. So, let’s start outdoor HIIT workout, you can do it two or three times a week.

Outdoor HIIT Workout

2-minute Run

Start your outdoor HIIT workout with 2 minutes run. This quick run will work as a warm-up for your body. Start your run slowly and then increase its pace. You need to take your running speed up to that level, where you can barely speak. 

The Burpees

It’s a complete body workout. To do this, you need to stand with hip-width apart, and your arms should be at your sides. Do to Burpees keep your hand on the ground on shoulder-width apart. Now jump or step feet back into plank position and reverse back the on the earlier position. Repeat this complete cycle of burpee for 10 to 15 times.

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Now to do single-leg Romania deadlifts, you will have to stand with hip-width apart, bend your knee slightly and keep your arms at sides. Lift your right foot from the floor while balancing your weight on one foot. Keep your back flat, and you will have to bend at your hips slightly.

Lower your torso until this and floor comes in a parallel position. Now pause at the bottom, put your hips forward, and come back yo the same position. Repeat the same exercise with the other leg. Do 10 -15reps with each side.

Squat Chops

You can target your target Abs, Quads, and Glutes with this outdoor HIIT. To do this workout, you will have to stand with your feet together, extend your arms to overhead. Your hands should be in a clap position. Now jump to take your feet out and land in a squat position. Your hand from overhead should move diagonally across one side of your body. Stay in this position for few seconds and again come back to the previous place. Do 10 reps, then switch side and repeat. 

How To Do Outdoor HIIT Workout
How To Do Outdoor HIIT Workout

Windmills Outdoor HIIT Workout

Stand on feet with shoulder-width apart, and arms should be stretched above your head with hands together. Now rotate your torso to look at the left wall of the room. When you do this, your hip and feet should be in a straight position. Your left knee can be slightly bent, but the back should be flat. Do 10 reps of this exercise from both sides.

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