Dumbbells For Your Outdoor Workout Routine!

Did you know that something as simple as dumbbells can move your workouts to new heights? These workout equipment help you increase the level of difficulty when it comes to an exercise routine, thus letting your muscles do more work. When that happens, not only will you be able to tone muscles quicker, but you’ll also be able to burn more fat!

Dumbbells For Your Outdoor Workout Routine!

Dumbbells: The Myth

Dumbbells For Your Outdoor Workout Routine!

There’s a growing misconception that dumbbells are to be utilized only for body-builders, those who have the goal of enlarging their muscles a la Arnold Schwarzenegger. We know, we know, there are other bodybuilders out there but his name is the first that popped into our heads. We’re big fans or Arnie here (first-name basis even if he exists only in our dreams).

Also, there’s a myth that states how dumbbells are only for trainers or are for professional athletes only. By trainers, we mean gym trainers, cross-fit trainers, and coaches for various types of sports. And by professional athletes, you already know what we’re talking about here.

Although of course, those misconceptions and myths aren’t EXACTLY wrong. People in the professions mentioned above DO use dumbbells in their workouts. They let themselves practice with light weights, then heavier and heavier, for as long as their bodies can handle it. That way, their muscles are trained and strengthened, conditioned and made more agile.

However, this exercise gear isn’t limited only to them. You can use them, too! So can we! And you and I aren’t professional athletes. You and I aren’t coaches. But we can up the ante of our exercise with this product.

When used with proper instructions and care, you’ll be amazed 
at how much better and more efficient your workouts will be!
Trust us as we say this!

What Can They Do For Your Routine

Dumbbells For Your Outdoor Workout Routine!

Dumbbells create an opposing tension against gravity and this is to your advantage because that means your muscles will work doubly harder. This will allow for strengthening especially in areas you’ll use them the most. We suggest you start with curls. Curl your arms upward a couple of times, or stretch them to the side and hold. For the latter, you can also let your side-stretched arms to go up and down, to condition your arms and shoulders.

Not only this but whenever you do so, even your core, along with your chest and back muscles, are toned. All depending on which exercise you’ll be using these pair of exercise gear with. 

Additionally, try using them on your legs as well. Do lifts such as sitting on a level chair with your legs lifted vertically in front of you. Lay the dumbbell on that angle between your feet and ankles, then lift, bring down, and lift again.

Also, for those who don’t wish to be body-builders, use medium weights. These won’t build bulk but will simply condition your muscles and help with burning fat.