Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are largely perceived as a severe feeling of sadness and stress. Most people are unaware of the fact that depression is a condition of the mind. The brain loses certain important chemicals that regulate the emotions in a person leaving the person to feel sad and depressed. Whenever a person is in a constant sad mood, experiences changes in sleep pattern is devoid of pleasure in pleasurable activities, has a significant weight loss or gain, is fatigued most of the time, has suicidal thoughts and has unexplained feelings of guilt, he/she might be suffering from depression. It is a very common disease these days and leads to severe complications in the person if left untreated. Some people who do not know or understand depression might blame the person for behaving irrationally on purpose or might even laugh at the suicidal tendencies but only a depressed person knows what she/he is going through.

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Physical Fitness May Prevent Anxiety, Depression

How Do Depression And Anxiety Benefit From Physical Fitness?

When a person exercises, the natural compounds in the body are stimulated which helps to make the person feel better. One of the ways of treating depressed people is to prescribe 30 minutes of daily exercise, early sleeping patterns and healthy food. Yoga and exercises help in calming the mind and generate some feel-good hormones in the body. These are of great help to those suffering from smiling depression. Acupuncture is also a great way of treating patients as it is medication-free and non-invasive. Exercise or any form of physical activity releases endorphins in the body. These are feel-good hormones that give you a positive outlook in life and help you to think positively. You let go of negative thoughts and see things from a fresh perspective.

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Physical Fitness May Prevent Anxiety, Depression

What Forms Of Exercise Can Help Fight Depression And Anxiety?

Exercise can be in any form including cardio, weight training, aerobics, Pilates, Bokwa, Zumba, swimming, dancing, running, jogging, etc., In order to achieve total physical fitness, you can practice any of the above-mentioned workouts. High intense resistance training can do wonders for your body. This one is also the latest fitness trend. As your life gets busier after 30, you need to keep the muscles in your body stimulated in order to stay strong and lean. Strength training workouts help you increase your muscle mass and also increase your metabolism. Pilates is one of the most trending forms of workout today. It is a full-body workout that helps you improve your flexibility and strength. Even if you go to the gym regularly or engage yourselves in some other form of exercise, it is important to go for a walk in the early mornings or late evenings. This not only benefits your legs and joints but also acts as a mood-booster. The fresh air helps you elevate your mood and you will feel much better after a walk.

Physical Fitness May Help Prevent Depression, Anxiety
Physical Fitness May Help Prevent Depression, Anxiety

What To Do When You Have Depression And Anxiety?

Depression is common these days. Not only in adults but also in little children. There are many reasons for depression and sometimes there are no reasons at all, but the symptoms can be understood within a month or two. If you have any serious concern or stress in life, you can visit a psychiatrist. Sometimes, you might not be in any danger of depression but just stressed in life. During such circumstances, talking to someone who understands you can really help. You can also help yourself by exercising daily. Physical fitness will help you heal your depression naturally.

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